residual girl

December 8, 2008 12:06am CST
Do you know "residual girl"? It is new noun. Recently, this noun appears on many TV and Radio Program. It means the girl who is not married yet though she is over 30 years old. One interseting investigation shows that female is over 50% of unmarried persons over 30 years old. Why? Most of girls have many dreams. Several girls always have high standard for their boyfriends. They hope their boyfriends had handsome outside, a lot of money, were tender and considerate, and so on. Then these girls will choose their boyfriends according to these standard. But at last most of these girls will not find their princes. And the time is passed. They become "residual girl", even they are still virgin. Is there any "residual girl" around you?
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@Galena (9110)
8 Dec 08
I wouldn't say there's anything unusual in being unmarried at 30 or over. it certainly DOESN'T mean that they have unrealistic standards, and it DEFINITELY DOESN'T mean that they have missed their chance. a lot of people marry older these days. nothing wrong with that at all.
• United States
11 Dec 08
i agree.. whos to say that their mr (or mrs) right isnt even in their area and that she wont meet him/her till shes 50 or something
• United States
11 Dec 08
i have never heard of that term.. i know some guys like that that have their standards so high they refuse to try out normal girls.. they have this image in their heads and if the girl doesnt fit every single thing they wont even look twice.. and yet they whine about being alone lol
@winterose (39887)
• Canada
9 Dec 08
my cousin is 50 years old she lives with her parents and never even had a boyfriend in her life, Her parents are married for over 54 years, I have a friend she is 37 she has never been married but she lives with her boyfriend and has a child, her parents are both married as well.
@aseretdd (13730)
• Philippines
8 Dec 08
There are a lot of "residual girls" in the school where i first taught... it seems like most teachers a bound to be such because they are too preoccupied with they profession... and they forget their own personal lives... or that they need to have a family of their own... Well, that is their choice... and they should be happy... because there are a lot of advantages in being single...
• Australia
8 Dec 08
I think i'll become one lol.. Residual? hm.. what a name. I'm still young so i don't know any woman who's one. How bout residual guy?
@faizi1 (157)
• Pakistan
9 Dec 08
hy dear how are you well thank you for given such a best information to mylots members and our friends . yes dear there is residual girl in our family which is my own aunt she is now 35 years old and unmarried and she has no acceptation about his married Thank you