London Airport closed by protest

December 8, 2008 3:49am CST
Stansted Airport was closed this morning for a couple of hours when 39 protesters from the environmental group 'Plane Stupid' broke through fences and chained themselves near a taxi-way. A number of flights were cancelled. Following on from the 8-day airport closure in Bangkok which effectively brought down the prime minister, is this the way for protests in the future? Do governments listen enough to ordinary people? Is this a proportionate response? What is your view of the actions today?
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@UK_Shree (3604)
8 Dec 08
I didn't hear about this - Thanks for the discussion starter. I'm not sure that protests are the way to go, it seems that innocent people always seem to get caught up in the act. I think the government does need to take the views of the public more seriously, and if they did, there would be no need for protests in the first place
8 Dec 08
ps forgot the link to the story!
@maximax8 (29134)
• United Kingdom
8 Dec 08
I care about the environment but traveling is my top hobby. I go on a return plane trip once a year. I know what it is like to feel passionately about a particular cause. So I understand how the 'Plane Stupid' group must feel. It was a shame for travelers that Stansted Airport had to be closed for a couple of hours. The airport closure in Bangkok was effective in bringing about change. I don't think groups like 'Plane Stupid' will get far with their cause. If they carry out doing such things as chaining themselves near runways security is likely to be increased considerably.