Reality tv isn't real at all !

@stinge (809)
United States
December 8, 2008 7:19am CST
I have followed a few of the reality tv shows like Gurls next door and Hogan Knows Best. I think for the most part that most of these so called celebrity reality shows are scripted,and these guys sign a contract to have the cameras follow them around. The thing that gets me is how fake the producers ask the celebs be just for the sake of the show. like how on the Girls Next Door, if you watch the show you would think that Hugh Hefner was living the life. Sitting up in his mansion with three girlfriends. But behind the scens him ans his main girl Holly were in the stages of breaking up. I read an interview where she said it was very akward and uncomfortable to still film the show knowing that she was moving out,but she had to be all smiley faced and act like everything was all good for the camera. That's not real tv. Then you have Hogan knows best. I do remember seeing him and his wife go to marriage counseling on the show. And soon after everything was fine and back to normal. But after the show ended they got divorced. So it makes me wonder was their going to counseling a bunch crap. Did the producers have them pretend like they were still in love with each other just to keep the show going. It's funny how money changes a situation. All of these celebs get paid to do these shows. And they will sit infront of the cameras and lie and pretend like everything is all fine with their spouses and siblings, no matter how uncomfortable it is just for the money.
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