What you think about it ?

@vimaal (3365)
December 8, 2008 9:26am CST
Hi friends, I like to saw cricket match very much. I saw most of the person take chewing gum while playing cricket. Why all of them take this? What you think about it? share your commends. take care have a nice day.
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@arunmails (3012)
• India
17 Dec 08
Chewing the gums will keep you away from the thirst...... the players are standing in under the sun for hours togather..... so they need a chewing gum to chew......
8 Dec 08
Hi vimaal, Chewing chewing gum supose to help them consintrate on the match. Tamara
• India
8 Dec 08
Hey, i am also have a same doubt about that.. and also i have asked my uncle also about that, since he is a serious cricket lover, and used to watch the cricket match in the midnight.. Since i dont have much interest about the cricket, me and also my sister used to go for sleep.. But during the day time matches, my uncle used to put leave to his office, and watch the match, when i cross them i used to see some of the shots in the TV and used to ask the questions like "why they use the Chewing Gum" and other stupid questions.. he just spile and pass the questions, and he will attend the phone call but put the TV in mute by using remote.. So, i too have this doubt for the very long period.. When i sit loanly and think about that, i thought that, since they need to keep their throught become chill or watered, they may used to chew the chewing gum.. Since i dont have a habit of chew the same, i dont have anying about the Chewing gum personnally.. I heard that, the Chewing gum is become sweeter in the beginning later the sweet went off like that.. through some of the Forward messages in my mobile.. So, i will keenly watch this discussions, and come to know the different point of view of using the Chewing Gum Have a good day.