Whether we should pay tax to the goverment???

@amiksinha (1961)
August 24, 2006 1:21pm CST
Many person lose their heart, when they pay so much of income tax at the end of financial year... athough they earn mmoney by working so hard all day and night... Dont you think we should have our wish.. whether we want to pay it to the government or not
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@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
28 Mar 13
I know that many people are in doubt and most likely don't feel like giving a part of their hard earned money to the government by paying taxes. However, I think it is necessary to pay government taxes because that is the money the government use to develop the country for a better living quality. Although it is true that sometimes the money does fall into wrong hands and misused, but some of the money are really used for development purposes. I will willingly paying taxes to the government.
@atulleo25 (484)
• India
17 Sep 06
Paying the tax from our hard earned income is really a pain. No body pays tax as much as the salaried person p[ays to the Government. Businessmen, actors, Film producers, Doctors, Lawyrers, Professors taking personal tuitions are not liable to pay the right tax. No body is bothered like a salaried person. In my view the professional who are earning more than the salaried people whose tax is deducted at the source itself i.e by employer shoould be liable to pay double the tax a salaried person is paying.
@Sunset50 (1397)
• United States
27 Aug 06
I want to pay taxes to help support my government, but I do not like that the rich don't have to pay. I think the whole tax system needs to be revamped then let us vote on it.
@swolecat (1278)
• United States
26 Aug 06
yes taxes should be paid since people take the benefits of living there.......
@vinumdas (261)
• India
26 Aug 06
No i dont think so.... we are just filling their pockets
@sedel1027 (17851)
• United States
25 Aug 06
I believe that overall the avergae person gets a tax rebate - especially those in higher tax brackets. If you work in the US, it takes the average person working about a month to pay in all their taxes for the entire year.
• United States
24 Aug 06
Its best to work under the table because people who make minimum wage get hurt the most.
@ram_ravi (406)
• India
24 Aug 06
I definetly agree with you ,we all earn by giving lal our efforts and sweating the whole year. They are charging us too much from what we earn. Even they are not utilizing the money getting from us properly.