how to set rules

United States
December 8, 2008 10:05am CST
my step sons ahve never had to follow rules. my fiance is trying to make them understand that there are rules that they ahve to follow by, but they just dont understand. how do you make a child understand that they have rules to follow and if they dont follow them there are consequences.
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@mzplased (255)
• United States
9 Dec 08
"They have rules to follow and if they don't follow them there are consequences"! So you need to sit down with them and lay down the rules and let them know what the consequences are. You are the parent and they are the child and they need to know this. follw through though, or they are going to think they can get away with disobeying. We all have rules to follow and the rules you make for them are the ones they need to follow plain and simple! I have 4 children of my own. It was very heartbreaking at times when they are so upset that they cant do something because they broke a rule. As much as it even hurt me you have to follow through. Eventually they will know you are not messing around and are parents of your word and they will obey the rules or know they are going to be very disappointed when a privilage is taken away. Good luck!
@savak03 (6692)
• United States
9 Dec 08
The first thing, as the parents you need to decide on the rules together and discuss what the consequences of disobedience are going to be. Then you have to explain this to the children and probably more than once. Then when they disobey, and they will, you must administer the punishment that you agreed upon. The key to training children is to be consistent. Each time the kids disobey they must face the consequence that you have warned them about. Otherwise they will think it is just a game.
@narayan2006 (2954)
• India
8 Dec 08
Children are very closer to the Nature unlike adult people who are more crazy for materialistic pleasure. They follow the laws of Nature. To make your child understand the rules, you need to give him as much love as you can.They are crazy for natural love. They have a natural passion to do anything for the sake of love and joy.Their mind and heart always look for pure love,no matter who gives them. Thanks.