East coast pizza is the best!!!!!

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December 8, 2008 12:07pm CST
Just let me say, after living in NJ for about 40 years, and then moving to Montgomery County,Ohio, one of the things I missed the most was a good pizza. The only pizza places I could find were all franchises, such as Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Dominoes and some local franchises. The best Pizza I could find was actually at Walmart! I actually took to just buying some pizza dough and making my own, because it was better than anything you could order out there. I remember ordering from a place called Casasano's. When I opened the pizza box I was stunned to find about 40 or so tiny little squares of pizza. What happened to the slices, I thought? I mean, what's better than folding over that pizza slice and having the cheese melt down,your mouth watering waiting for it to cool so you could enjoy the deliciousness. They say the pizza was done that way so the women could eat it easier, and every place out there did the same thing. You can't even go anywhere to order just a slice! You needed to order a whole pie, and when I asked the people to cut it into 8 slices, you know, like a regular pizza....lol. they didn't know what the heck I was even talking about. Also, I noticed they don't even use a real pizza oven! They all have some kind of conveyor contraption where you stick the pizza on it and it goes around and comes out cooked. Sorry folks, but that's not pizza!I don't know much about the rest of the Midwest, but people in Ohio are seriously deprived if that's the kind of pizza they are being served on a daily basis. I then moved to Florida(Ocala) and again was able to enjoy a pizza that was hand made and fresh and, wouldn't you know it, the owners were actually from New York. Now I am back in NJ and the choices of pizzeria's is amazing, and I still haven't had a pizza that you would consider poor tasting, if not downright delectable. Now why is it that the best pizza is made in the East? Just wondering if it's the people or the ingredients, or maybe just the way it is cooked. Anyone have any thoughts on this, let me know, because I am perplexed.
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@theonerm5 (365)
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8 Dec 08
The first kind of pizza I had was the little squares kind. I remember when I first got the kind in the triangular slices. I was like, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS CRAP!?!? Is this pizza? I thought. Turns out the kind in the squares were better than the pizza hut pizza. Maybe it's because I was used to the other kind... Or maybe the pizza from our local dairy bar was just flat out better.