YAY! Finally set a wedding date!!!

@tlb0822 (1412)
United States
December 8, 2008 3:32pm CST
I'm so excited my fiance and I finally set a wedding date. I've been waiting for forever it feels. We've set the date for a weekend in august. Were not having anything big. Were just going to have a nice small wedding and the recepetion at our home. We have a really nice picnic pavillion. I can't wait to start planning all the details, and looking for wedding stuff. I've already had my eye on a few things. How did you do your wedding? Anyone have any advice for wedding planning?
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• Norway
8 Dec 08
congratulations in advance! Just got married last september 28. It was just a civil wedding held in our house since i dont have enough time to prepare everything because i only have a month and 2 weeks vacation after 2 years of working abroad. I was so excited before everything was planned, even its just a small wedding, but then, it turned out to be not the best day of my life.. I have to consider my parents decision with everything.. So you know, in the philippines, traditions must be followed especially for the old one.. thats why, I cant make my plans while i was away for there are lots of complications if we (me and my husband) will decide things.. To summarize everything, it was their decision, their wants,that was followed and not ours..they were the one who decide, what the wedding should turned out to be.. ITS THEIR WEDDING, you know! NOT MINE! And the worst thing,is that I cant even say a word against their decisions because my father is so strict, so old fashioned.. and soo.... I dont know where you came from, so i dont know what are your traditions, but I hope, all the things you wanted for your wedding will be the final say, because its your day, and not anyone else's..
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@misshoney (973)
• Philippines
12 Dec 08
hello:-) wow that's great! i am happy for you and your fiancee. hope you have a beautiful and memorable wedding. i am also getting married this coming january and i am happy and excited. there is something so wonderful at the thought that there is someone out there who is willing to spend a lifetime with you. i am so in love with my boyfriend and i am so happy that i will marry him.
@kaka135 (14106)
• Malaysia
10 Dec 08
Congratulations on your wedding! Yeah, it's always nice to have a small and memorable wedding. I have to follow our tradition for our wedding, so it's a bit tedious, but it's fun sometimes to do the wedding preparation. The most headache I had was preparing the guest list. I have to prepare the guest list earlier, then call them one by one if they are attending. Before my wedding, I need to call them again for the confirmation. As we were having our wedding dinner in restaurant, so we need to book the estimated number of tables for it. Hope you'll enjoy the preparation!
@zabawaus (1732)
• United States
9 Dec 08
Congratulations tlb0822, My wedding was great not so much people invited so only 250-300 people came. And it was fun i have a video for that day and always watch it and show it to my friends :)
• Indonesia
9 Dec 08
I love simple wedding. Wedding day is special but need a lot of money to celebrate it. Love simple but if you want big planning on wedding party. Hire the wedding planner is the best solution. Congratulation to yours
@shiloh_222 (5480)
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
hi there. that's absolutely great. congratulations. im still single... LOL... happy mylotting.
@SuzyLong (775)
9 Dec 08
CONGRATS!!! I was really excited when we picked a date for our wedding next year. We picked Halloween lol I've found that a lot of simple things for the wedding are really expensive so I asked my friends and family if there is anyway they can help out and now 2 of my friends are doing the photography for me, my brother is getting me the cars, one of my best mates is a professional chef so he's going to cut loads of stuff out of the caterer quote for us and make our cake, I'm going to make up the favour bags myself, one of my fella's friends is a DJ so he's doing the reception for half price. It's amazing what people will help do if you ask. We want to go on our honeymoon to the Dominician Republic and seeing as we can't think of what people can get us as wedding gifts, we're asking if people would like to contribute to the honeymoon. You'll be amazed at how generous people are lol Good luck with your planning, remember to have a good look around.
• Canada
8 Dec 08
congratulations. i planned my whole wedding. the first thing i did is found a website that gave suggestions on when things should be done...for example, they recommend you book a photography and caterer a year in advance. my fiance and i did started planning a year in advance and all the caterers were already booked and we were stuck with a really bad photographer. but we also had our wedding on 07/07/07. this was a very popular day for many couples, so you hopefully won't have as much problems getting a caterer and photography. one site i found that has a checklist that may help you plan your wedding is www.frugalbride.com/weddingplanningchecklist.html
@katprice (807)
• United States
8 Dec 08
Congratulations! Simple and smaller weddings are great, too. There are some great software programs that can help you keep on track. Also, look into subscribing to a wedding-related magazine.