My Christmas Spanking

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December 8, 2008 9:41pm CST
One December night when I was about 8 years old and my older sister was around 16, our family had just finished supper. Every night, mine and my sister's chore was the supper dishes. She always washed and I rinsed and dried. I hated washing dishes and if there was a way to get out of doing it, I found it! My sister knew how much I hated this chore, so on this night she said, "If you tell me what I'm getting for Christmas, I won't make you help me with the dishes". Well, I just found my opportunity to get out of my chore for the night! So, I told her everything! She then went and told my mom that I had told her what she was getting for Christmas. My mom was very upset and took me in our bedroom and spanked me for telling my sister. I remember laying on my bed crying and my sister walking in my bedroom. I knew she felt guilty for what had happened. She looked at me and said, "I won't make you help me with the dishes tonight". I was thinking, YOU'RE DARN RIGHT I'M NOT HELPING WASH DISHES! Now looking back on this story, my sister and I always laugh and joke about it. We were actually joking around about it at Thanksgiving. You know, "who's gonna was the Thanksgiving dishes" thing. Of course I offered to tell her what she was getting for Christmas, but she didn't budge this time. Well, my mom told me that she really wished we wouldn't talk about that story because it made her want to cry. She said ever since that Christmas, she always felt bad for spanking me and felt that she should have handled it differently. I think as parents we always look back on the things we did and wish we had done them differently, but I have NEVER held it against my mother for spanking me. She was only trying to teach me right from wrong. Do you have any stories like this that now your parents told you that they wish they had handled the situation differently?
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@irishidid (8716)
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9 Dec 08
My sisters and I had one secret we always kept and never told my mom. We would sneak peaks at our presents, even switching tags to get what we wanted. None of us ever told her. Whether she knew it or not, I don't know. My mom had a habit of giving someone else something I had asked for. Don't think I ever forgave her for that one.
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