doing anything for money

@eynjel05 (444)
December 8, 2008 11:14pm CST
Hi mylotters, I just want to share this experience today. I want to hear for your opinions.This morning I opened my pc after eating my lunch.I used to log in on yahoo messenger just to look for who among my friends there were online. Then suddenly theres someone send me a private message. This person actually is my friend also here in mylot. Well, I trust him though I haven't saw him in person because I think hes a nice one. He even refered me on one of the sites that hes earning money. I just can't understand why hes doing such. He asked me if I have webcam. I told him I don't have. Then suddenly he told me why should I not buy one because I can earn money from it. I just ignore because I know what he i talking about. I log out in yahoo messenger then I log in. After logging in someone again send me a private message. Then offered me someting he told me that I can earn $10 just by doing some sort of nude shows. I told that person that I am not interested. I just knew that the first one who send me the message asking for webcam and the second one that offer me the job was the same person. I just can't understand why they are doing such? I trusted him and considered him as my friend. What are your reactions about this one? I hope you understand all what I am trying to say.Thank you for reading.Happy posting!
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@Pitgull (1523)
• United States
9 Dec 08
There are some weirdos out there. You should post his sn here so we can know who we should avoid. I appreciate you discussing this...sometimes people ask some questions I don't understand why they ask, that's when I end conversation. Just because you met him heredoes not mean you know him....sorry.... Thanks for the heads up.... Be safe... happy mylotting....
@monouu (2608)
• Singapore
9 Dec 08
Some people just willing to do anything for money. Just forget about it, it is something which is not under our control. I had a bad experience in the past too. This person was offering referral cash back to those who join under him in a program and he is a long time senior member in that forum. However after paying me & other a few time, he start giving excuses for not paying and then he was gone! Vanish from the forum. So no matter how reputable a person used to be, a person can always change, especially when it involve money.
@eynjel05 (444)
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
I agree. It made me realized how difficult life nowadays. Doing anything for money though its bad.Thank you!
@arunmails (3012)
• India
17 Dec 08
This everyone does, we cannot blame them.... its all money matters..... thats it....