Got Paid by Google Adsense

December 9, 2008 3:45am CST
Who among you here has google adsense? Are you receiving payments already? I'm just happy because I already received my adsense pay through Western Union last December 1. They pay me $198.86 it took me a year before I was able to reach the minimum payout simply because I don't know how to drive more traffic on my blog. Good thing, my hubby is more expert how to make the earnings fast. The $198.86 is my first payment from google adsense and I'm waiting for my second payment this month end amounting to $177. Hope my earnings every month will increase like other bloggers I know who receives $1000 and more a month. Here's my blog post about my earnings and last thanksgiving day I earned $76 in just 2 days... here's my post about it
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