Choose Between Two Lovers.....

United States
December 9, 2008 8:46pm CST
Did anyone have to choose two men/woman.....Heres my story....... I was with a very good man who was everything to me in the beginning. He was good to my children and me. i only got to see him once or twice a week becasue he lived 2 hours away from. He was in a family that was very religious, and I was not that religion. So as time went on i kind og felt out of place with him. We were togther 3 years and I still have not met his parents or been to his house. i felt like her was ashamed of me becasue I was not part of his culture, and plus I didt even knoe if his parents knew I had childre. Well as time went on I start feeling distance from him and unhappy but I still loved him. Then one day i went in to a cell phone store and I met a man that remembered me from 6 years ago, i was shocked, he was so charming. I started talking to him as a friend but htings got so crazy and I stared to really like him too.Now after 5 months I have fell in love with him even though he hide alot of things personal from me. I love everything about him though, he runs his own buisness and he is a wonderful man with a horrible pass, I finally let my distance man know about the other man. Just to remind you me and the distance man was already separated but talking and hoping for a mircle. But I finally cut ties. The thin gis I dont know it I made the right choice. Did you ever feel like that? What would you do if this ever happen to you? Should I leave the distance man alone? I am Italian and Spanish and he is Afganistan? Would it ever had worked? Please help@!!!!!
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@shonali (1286)
• India
10 Dec 08
oh my god!! this has always been a problem with me in my life till date.... either it has been two guys (Who know each other/are best friends) who fall for me ... or its that i fall in love with two people at the same time.... so it gets so hard everytime to decide which one is it that i love more and which one is it thats right for me..... when i ask my family or friends to help me out...every one voices their own opinion and so i get more and more confused...... but finally i just let it go..... i dont chose anyone.... for a while i dont meet any one of them.... totally get out of contact ..... sit quitely and think with a cool head..... i guess thats the best thing to do when you cant decide what you want in life..... there is also another problem that i face...though i am currently in a relationships..there are some of my ex boyfriends that i miss all of a sudden cos something happens that reminds me of them and the whole trip starts all over again for me.... but this kinda thing quickly wears off.....
@Theresam (1180)
• United States
12 Dec 08
I think you went with your heart and mind. You know that the long distance man would probably never went forward so you let yourself be open. Altt of times when background don't mesh (including religion and culture) it won't work long term. I hope the new man is as wonderful in the future as he is in the present.
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