love my job but hate my boss

December 9, 2008 9:12pm CST
I really love my job, no doubt about it. February of this year my previous boss has been promoted and replaced by a new one. The new one was assigned to us as our supervisor. My first impression on him, boastful. He does not have any knowledge or background on his current job. All he is, is a supervisor. Yet, here he is, as if he knew everything. We have not tried to complain it to the higher level because it may backfire and might cost us our jobs. So, we hang on to him and his boastful and bossy attitude. The best thing is, he has not gained our respect. You may call it rude but that's all there is to it. He has this attitude that he wants to be praised everytime we had a good achievement in our work. He is always like "me, myself and I" attitude. But he has not done anything to get the work done because he has no knwoledge about it. If you were in my shoe, what would you feel and do?
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