Sisters: The Crisis in the DRC

South Korea
December 9, 2008 11:59pm CST
I thought I would post my first serious discussion on myLot about the Rape Crisis in the DRC. In-order for anyone to understand why I have such as obsession with this subject I have to explain who I am. My name is Eryn Dailey- Demby I am a senior at Wesleyan College in Macon,Georgia, but I am currently studying abroad in South Korea. I am an International Relations Major, who happens to have been studying about the rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As you all know, for some reason with war it seems that rape is inevitable. And for the last 6 months I have studied this phenomenon I find that it is the most in-humane and invasive act that another human being can feel. I have tried to normalize this action, but there is no normalization for brutality. I don't understand how and why a person would stick a gun up a females genitalia and shoot, or why a group of 14 soldiers would rape a 11 year old girl. Why they would force fathers and husbands, sons, brothers, and cousins, to watch as their female family members are torn to pieces by these people we call "monsters." The problem is is that they are not monsters, they are humans, these people raping with great brutality are humans. I came to that conclusion the other day... If I were to shoot them and they were to shoot me, we would both die. They are not monsters, some of them are not even mentally disturbed. They simply feel it is their God given right to take women by force. The emotion that I am trying to express is so messy. But I want you to think about the cell phones that you have and the fancy cars that you have and think that if you were in a different positions it could be your sister, your mother your cousin, getting tied to a tree and repeatedly raped. Take this into consideration when you don't always get what you want... and take the time to be grateful for those people around you. Be grateful for the relative peace that you live in, because in the end, everything could always be worse. I would like to have feedback, what do you think about this crisis? Thoughtful responses are required! Eryn
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