What would you do if you are sick and tired of you problem?

December 10, 2008 12:44am CST
Living life is beautiful and wonderful if you know how to live in it. Doing things what is essential and necessary in life are usually a daily routine. You do always hope for a better life and always make your life happy. You go to friends, laugh with them, share with them and cry with them. Sometimes, life would give us problem and trials just to give more challenges and to make a better person and strong enough when strong wind tries to blows away. I've experienced that sometimes that my problem doesn't a solution at all and no where to be found what I am looking for. How do you handle this kind of problem that you think there is no answer at all.!
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12 Dec 08
I would say that most of my problems these days is money related, if I could have money it would have been solved already because I can just pay off those people who wants money from me. I just had been betrayed just today, I feel like I would want to kill the people who are betraying me when it comes to money matters. If it would not be a sin I would had been a criminal already, thank God He is still with me.
@goldeneagle (6774)
• United States
10 Dec 08
Well I usually try to solve the problem, but most of my problems these days are long-term and on-going...