Anti-aging therapy how to take the campaign to achieve food D

December 10, 2008 4:53am CST
Of the five internal organs of Chinese medicine that is essence of aging begin the performance of the failure, from the appearance of aging skin seems to be the only fact is the performance of the inner bone atrophy, a lack of toughness tendon, muscle lost its elasticity, blood supply is not sufficient, they need five internal organs . The essence of adequate nourishment in order to prevent aging. I told you a prescription, called taste Wu Qi prescription date by date, medlar, longan meat, Suanzaoren, hawthorn, of which date Spleen Qi, the fight against aging cells, medlar Yigan kidney, bone Zhu Qiang, longan meat Dabu strength, the five internal organs to make precision air Suanzaoren adequate support to promote blood circulation, soothe the nerves heart, hawthorn to improve immunity, Gomi after the composition of the herbal combination Wu Qi prescription date flavor, with a strong essence of the five internal organs, improve the immunity and prevent aging.
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@smacksman (6072)
10 Dec 08
I am interested in your recipe though I have to admit that I don't fully understand it - but that is my failing, not your description. As the dreaded 70 gets ever closer, I get frustrated when my body lets me down even though my brain is about 30! haha