I nearly passed out today- How about you?

@cryw0lf (1302)
United Kingdom
December 10, 2008 5:47am CST
Haha well, i was sitting in one of my classes, and i suddenly came over all dizzy, i started getting tunnel vision and my hearing become weaker. I cried out that i was getting dizzy (it's only happened once before and it was the most frightening thing ever *part from the previous time i actually DID collapse*)... i was told to put my head down, as usual, and told they would get someone from the reception area. I KNOW for a fact, that if i HADN'T put my head down, i would have passed out. Dont ask me how, i just know. I then began to breath SO SO fast and irregular, i began to get all sweaty and really really hot- I'm surprised i could even think straight. My ears began to burn, as blood rushed back to my face and my head (i was extremely pale by this point) and was asked if i could walk... (My legs were all fuzzy where blood was being cut off to them too)... Now, i'm sitting here, and i'm literally frozen, i became so cold SO fast after being all hot. Lol. Then to top that off, my mother came to collect me because i was still a lil dizzy; she shouted and had a go at me. (Which is totally out of order...) ****She's a b*t*h by the way-**** So yeah. What happened to you today? Anything as frightening / exciting? However you see it haha.
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