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December 10, 2008 7:38am CST
Do you write because you want people to accept what you’re writing? Or do you just write whatever comes to your mind first... Sometimes its difficult to just write down all of your thoughts... maybe you just don’t make sense with what your writing... but you still continue writing... you don’t want to stop... you fear that this chain of thoughts is going to end.. So before it does.. you want to make sure that you have noted every single one of your thought… The fact is that I want to learn typing... like really fast... maybe I could fill in my blogs with a short hand type writer or something.. It would make my life so much more simpler.. I won’t have to pause to recollect my thoughts.. No backspace… no shaking of my head to bring it all out.. It would just come out in a flow and my hands would go on and on.. Do you at times feel that you have to force something out of your head for the fear of not landing up writing something? Or just force it out because you stopped for too long and all of a sudden you are blank.. You cannot go on like this.. You have to write but make sure that you are writing something that’s making sense.. You have to keep reading what your writing and try going with the flow.. Either learn to type fast or just think something in one go andasd a ajfks and don’t worry about the spelling mistakes you are making.. We have ms word for all that.. make sure you use Word.. always keep saving your work.. nothing more irritating that losing all of it without caring what you gonna do then.. what happens when its all gone because you din’;t want to stop and simply hit that save button.. it’s the first time your saving your document.. you know when you click on that save button… its going to ask your for a location.. the name of the file and all that.. you being the particular one.. you have to make sure that you don’t save it anywhere so that later when you need it.. you going to have a hard time looking for it.. breaking all your chains.. so make sure that the first thing that you do when you open up your notepad is to save the document.. so that its easier to save it.. note that since the time I have started talking about saving this document I myself have not saved it.. I can’t let go of the chain of thoughts.. if I stop my hands now and start saving the document.. I will break my flow.. then again.. I will be forced to read what I have written and then contemplate with myself if what I have written is even worth reading for anyone.. The truth is that it does not matter what you write.. you will have people reading this anyways because it matters more about whats on your mind.. than trying to write about whats on someone else’s mind.. its not good to guess.. if you are trying to write and convey whats in your mind than it should come out naturally and not by reading about things elsewhere and trying to retype it in your words.. to be a writer you have to first focus on understanding what kind of thoughts you are receiving and what your inner self is trying to tell you.. you should be comfortable in talking to yourself and this will help you out in reasoning your thoughts.. are all thoughts worth typing? They will not be.. so when you are preparing yourself for the big write up.. make sure that your mind is first cleared.. you have to warm yourself up by first generating a small chain of thoughts.. pick any random topic.. the topic for now does not matter.. think on those lines and let your thoughts follow.. try leading yourself into different topics by interlocking them with one another.. in this way you will get a chance to let your mind open and allow it to learn to pick on loose ends.. practice this for a while and this will help you carry on writing for a longer time than what you could previously.. after you have finished with the thinking process.. use your notepad to write on a particular subject.. write a few lines.. and move on to the next topic.. be very selective about what you write.. read each and every line carefully.. correct all your mistakes.. spelling.. grammar.. all those.. and make sure your writing to the point.. this will help your fingers to loosen and to work in good coordination with your mind.. Writing is all about noting what is in your mind.. when you believe that you have reached a stage where what your thinking is what your typing then you have crossed the comfort level and are now ready to write an article which will help the world understand your point of view.. Pick on something serious and meaningful.. writing rubbish all day long does not constitute to any writing skills.. you have to be able to focus your mind in a particular direction and not think about anything else.. the computer is just an object you are using to convey your message across to no one but yourself.. your matter is most important.. if you read it again later on.. it should mean the same thing that it did at the time you were writing it.. Many people use characters in their minds to give a flow to their story.. understand the age and growth of your writing.. you will be able to realize the kind of style you have.. grammar is not the most important aspect while writing a great book.. though it means a lot.. it is not the only way to convey your message.. if the message comes to you in broken sentences then feel free to convey it as it is.. if in complete words you do not understand your own message.. no one else will.. the meaning of what you think cannot get changed by the time it gets transferred to the computer… so again.. its very important to not let go any control over your hands and to make sure that you are typing exactly what your thinking.. you have to make sure that your hands are always under the pressure of typing something.. if they are not.. then the blood flow changes in them leading to a change in thoughts.. the slower you type the more focused you will be on your thoughts.. thus putting too much pressure on you to think.. but also on the other side.. a deep balance has to be made.. if you put in no pressure at all.. than the mind has the capabilities to launch itself into another dimension which would make you believe that your hands are moving so fast and your mind is thinking so fast that you are just an observer in this whole session.. you are thinking about it.. but you just cannot let go of your thoughts.. so in this case.. if your not disciplined enough.. then its very easy to get lost.. get lost in your deep deep pool of thoughts.. and getting away from the topic.. Take a breather.. and you will awaken again.. a little slower in your thoughts.. but fresher.. your characters will come to life and you will watch them grow again.. that small breathe of relief that you take.. is what allows you to be taken much more into control.. the ultimate accomplishment in writing comes out when you are able to let go of all your thoughts and feel the presence of an empty mind.. even though we consider the mind to be empty at times.. there are lights shining inside.. think about how far you have come in the story you are writing and try understanding the shape your characters have taken.. you cannot have fixed ideas as your are not using the computer to simply publish your thoughts.. the words that you write should help you put a picture out of those lights.. And these lights are what will help you shine.. when your reader has seen those lights.. you know you have written something worth sharing.. Saving document…
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@paid2write (5202)
10 Dec 08
I hope you feel better for writing all that! I have been able to touch type for many years so, when I'm writing, I look at the screen and see the words appear as soon as I think of them. After I have typed out all I needed to write, I read it through, and correct any errors. I will add, delete or change some words. I usually improve the sentence structure, and make the paragraphs shorter. I will only post or submit something when I am sure it makes sense and can be understood by anyone who reads it.
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• India
10 Dec 08
Its great that now I know that it's called Touch type! Well thats a nice way to do it.. First type it all out and then spend some time later on in reading and correcting.. I believe in simplicity.. and this is what enables one and all to be on the same wave length.. Thanks for your response..