layoffs effecting all types of jobs

United States
December 10, 2008 9:30am CST
with all the lay offs you would think that people in colletions would have job securty but no we are having hours cut too. we were told about this last week and we are alo losing 50 cents an hour. this is crazy. the whole usa is crazy right now with all the layoffs. it is holiday time and alot of us are getting walking papers and short hours. i dont know what we will do. i need a 40 hr week check. we get paid hourly not commision liek alot think. yes we have to get a certain amout of money each month to keep our jobs but we dont get any of it. lol. what is sa is if everyone i spoke with would pay 10.00 towards there bill i would be able to keep my job. 10.00 a month towards there cell phone bill. i mean if it was hospital bills i would quit but a cell phone is a want not a have to have and people should at least try to pay something you would think. anyways it is sad that no one is safe no matter what type of job you have
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• Philippines
28 Mar 09
I think in different sense. Occasionally the reason of lay offs are there is a slight need of the consumer of a certain product or the company or the producer of the product is shortcutting their expenses in producing that product, saving electricity and such. The mostly affected are the company producing products that have no place in the market because of weak selling. Companies here in the Philippines like Intel just recently closed because of that. The reason as they said, one branch of Interl in other country was closed also because of low demand for producing chips or you can correct me on this. To summarize, it is not all jobs are affected only those have weak selling of products. They say that other jobs like restaurant are not affected by the crisis.