Who are u more close to?

@j47lee (740)
December 10, 2008 5:57pm CST
Who are you more close to? Your mom or your dad? Personally for me, I'm more close to my mom.... my mom is everything to me... she has been the one who has really looked after me.... dad was just there.. i think dads are more closer to their sons... My dad didnt really bother about our studies, or anything... my mom did everything...
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21 Jan 09
I was always closer to my Aunt & my Grandmother when I was younger. My mom was a manic depressive and wasn't as much of a mom or role model as my Aunt & Grandmother were. I know it's mean to say but when you she treated you like an accident rather than a blessing it doesn't help ones esteem, but no knowing her mental problems growing up I had no idea why she said the things she did & why she ignored me so much. Either way I miss my Grandmother to pieces! She's been gone nearly 12 yrs now. Though I'm thankful to still have my Aunt around and she's come to be more than an Aunt but a good friend.
@marciascott (25550)
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11 Dec 08
My Mom and Dad are deceased, but I was close to my mother more than my Dad. I am very close to my dad's sister she is 93. She is just like my Mom. I call her Moma Auntie. Happy Holidays!