do you blieve you are different?

@dehong (151)
December 10, 2008 7:41pm CST
everyone in life is different.i am also thinking i am so different,i can do anything.i believe i will make you have a lot of confidence like me.if somebody ask you:do you believe you are different.your answer would belike this:of cause.because god gives you a chance to live,she think you are different,you will make miracle,there is no dout about i give you my words you are different.just go to make difference,you will make you think so.
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@jayyerex (224)
• Canada
31 Dec 08
I do believe that I am different. I believe that In order to affect the change I want to see in the world I am forced to think dfferently and act differently than anyone else. I believe that this difference is the divine part of my nature. I can do things for people that no one else can do. I also believe that you have that very same divinity within you. We all have it and we can all recognize it if we simply look at the world with our hearts and eyes wide open. Imagine for a moment if everyone was the same. What kind of a world would we have? More over, would we have a world at all?
• Malaysia
11 Dec 08
Everyone is different and everyone has a role to play in this world, including myself. That's what I believe in ever since I was a little boy and 20+ years later, this thinking of mine has not changed.
• Philippines
11 Dec 08
Everyone has their unique characteristics in physical attributes, in character, and in decision making. We are uniquely designed that no two people are alike. Even twins have their distinct qualities and characteristics. I don't think that I have the power to make a miracle. It's only God that is able to make a miracle. But we can be instruments of God in performing His miracles.