Can anyone explain senseless acts of extreme violence against total strangers?

December 10, 2008 8:33pm CST
Can anyone explain senseless acts of extreme violence against total strangers to me? I recently met a 17 year old who was a victim to a random act of violence, and his life has been shattered because of it. He was walking home from a friends place one evening late last spring and was jumped by 4 boys the same age. He was beaten, punched and kicked in the head, then left for dead. He didn't know the boys and they didn't know him. He was just there and they decided to "have some fun". They were caught thanks to the conscience of one of them. Because they were under 18 when the beating took place, their punishment will cost them only a few months each. This young man sustained a serious head trauma, is confined to a wheelchair in hospital and he will never live a normal life. Does anyone know what provokes this random act of violence? What can todays society do to prevent this from happeneing to anyone else. Does the justice system need an overhaul?
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11 Dec 08
Its simple. Bad parenting. Either a lack of parents at all or a lack of guidance from them. More and more people are popping out kids for a welfare check or simply not responsible enough to know they arent ready to be an example for someone and it takes its toll. The kids have nothing else to turn to for role models so they look at TV, other kids on their block, or music to base their priorities from. They dont know how to direct their anger or other emotions and disperse it unwisely. Its sad that the lack of personal responsibility is being passed down. From our politicians to our teenagers the whole "i can do whatever i want and screw you" attitude is contagious. Also the attitude of "fear is control" that Bush is so keen on. Combine the two and you get bad attitudes, a lot of harmful action, and pointless ruining of lives all for a kick or to prove they are tough. Its pathetic. Todays society can get all the reality TV crap off the air, stop rewarding people for irresponsibility (from welfare for multiple children to the wal street bailout) and focus on education, manners, and self reliance.