Do You Believe Everything You Read or Hear or See?

@yparson (582)
United States
December 10, 2008 9:12pm CST
I've always been told to believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. I learned to not believe everything I hear on the news lately, cuz they all have their version of the story. I do sorta believe what I read more that hear. Seeing is believing, but can you recall exactly what you saw in detail, I can't.
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• United States
11 Dec 08
I would have to say that I believe what I see the most since I have to be there to see it. Beyond that I take what I am reading or hearing and take from it what I think to be a fact. Most of the time I would have to say that I believe about half of what I read and I believe a little more of what I hear just because I am usually hearing it from family and friends that I know that I can trust.
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@bellebads (740)
• Philippines
11 Dec 08
as the saying goes, "to see is to believe" so before i believe on something i have to see it first and investigate if it's true. even in court hear say is not considered evidence or witness to a crime. so better believe if you see it with your own eyes.
• Canada
11 Dec 08
I am one of the most mistrusting people out there. I will take things into consideration, but I will not believe anything from just reading it or hearing it alone. I like to investigate, and make sure that things are what they say they are. If they are not true, I am always glad I did the research.