Tunes For The Stoned

December 11, 2008 12:20am CST
So the greens have been passed around and things are a little too quiet? If you haven't already gotten the music rolling, what albums or artists would you be digging up in your playlists or album collections? I'm a pretty big fan of a lot of classic rock, older stuff really, but Cypress Hill, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, etc etc all go over well for me, as well as anything with a good beat. That goes for me in general, but it's all that much better under the influence.
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• United States
11 Dec 08
Hey if your looking to get high and listen to music that's great. And as a experienced user of the green i would prefer something that will change your outlook at music. Try instrumental music, its good to get lost in your own mind through some good old fashioned music. Examples are jazz, ya i said it you could get lost in that when you are expanded. Second try to listen the weird and mundane, example Pink FLoyd. These guys from the pipers at the gates of dawn to a momentary lapse of reason, give you a good reason to puff puff pass. Now if you dont want to get scared don't want to get scared dont listen to this while high and in a completely dark room. Black Sabbath their first album will scare the hell out of you especially, their title track. For the mellow minded go Reggae or 60's rock, its good to just go to sleep to.
• Canada
12 Dec 08
I love a good trip now and again, and yeah I've listened to Black Sabbath and it's definitely provoked some really freaky thoughts, but really cool and almost revelational to some extent. Glad to know I'm not alone on mylot in my endeavours to open my mind.