@eynjel05 (444)
December 11, 2008 1:36am CST
When in public places such as malls,parks or by simply walking on the steets,are you the kind of person that can be easily intimidated when you caught someone who is staring at you that you don't have any idea why? I am.Whenever I saw someone that is staring at me, I easily get intimidated that sometimes I asked myself is there any dirt on my face or is my clothes didn't matched my shoes etc.That is why whenever I go outside I always see to it that I double check all the details so that I can avoid such to happened but then though I double check everything, I still can't avoid that there is still someone looking at me. How about you? Can you easily get intimidated when someone stares at you?
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@arunmails (3012)
• India
18 Dec 08
see you may be so beauty that day or he/she might have thought that you are so fresh and active... or else might be someother reason will be..... if you are looking for those silly things, then you wont do your work better.......
@annierose (18949)
• Philippines
11 Dec 08
It also makes me intimidated sometimes when I caught someone staring at me.When I am inside a mall and I notice someone is staring, I just pretend that I do not care. However, deep in me, it makes me conscious. So, instead of going to where I am supposed to go, I look for a restroom.I check my looks. I comb my hair because maybe I may look like a witch to him or her. I also put some powder on face. Then I check also my blouse/t-shirt, pants and shoes. When I am finally sure that everything is okay, then that is the time I go out of the restroom. If ever there will still be someone staring at me after I had checked my looks, it not makes me conscious anymore.It is because I am sure that I look nice enough. There is nothing to worry about my face of my clothes. I just think that maybe they are just admiring me or something. However, there is also a kind of stare which is alarming. Example of this is when I am in a market or inside a jeepney.Whenever that situation happens,I first make sure to it that I am aware of all the things inside my bag. I refrain myself from using my cellphone or any other thing which can cause danger to me.Life is so hard nowadays. And because of that, some people find all possible means just to get money even from stealing with other people.
• United States
11 Dec 08
I don't get so much intimidated as paranoid. I always think people are freaks and will either try to steal my money or do harm. I picture different scenarios and try to play them out so I'd know what to do if they make a wrong move. I also try to stay informed of my surroundings. There is another kind of looking, too. Since you make sure you look good before leaving the house, maybe they're just admiring your style.