what should i do .god

@wuyali (23)
December 11, 2008 5:51am CST
i feel very terrible now and i can not say it .i am very tired now .i have to dance everyday .christmas is coming and i miss my sister.i want to give up .but my friend not allow me .maybe i am wrong but i have no interesting in dancing .it is bad for my studies now .we will have some exames in the end of this term .if i ask my sister it ,she will aganist it .she will say that you should hard work in your college.yeah ,i know that i should do it but i do not study in high school .i must learn much from others .so i must do it .dear sister ,you never call me since i came in changsha .maybe it is my fault because i nerve call you .i can not find a good topic betwen you and me .you have married in the last year but it is not a problem .mom told me that i should look after you in your life .i agree. i will do my best to love you .many people say that you are disable but i nerve think it. i only know that you are my sister and you are my love .i want to live with you .i can not take that somedody wants to hurt you .so when i left home ,i told my brother that he should love you .he can not hurt you .if he do it i will kill him .i want to protect you .now i have to study in other city and i can not look after you .you know if i feel very tired ,i want to tell you .i think i will make you feel not very good .i do not want it that you always worry about me .i love you .
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@1hopefulman (44968)
• Canada
20 Dec 08
I think you have to work on being balanced. You have to continue your education and to do that you need to study hard. You can also dance part time. If you are a very good dancer, you can have a dancing career. Still, get your education as it will help you in whatever you do in the future. Also, continue to have a relationship with your sister and your family.
@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
11 Dec 08
hi wuyali! i don't quite understand your predicament. you need to take care of your sister and you miss her and your friend doesn't want you to go see your sister, instead the friend only wants you to dance? i don't think that is fair and why would you put up with your friend? family still comes first. or i just don't understand your situation. anyway, i do hope that everything works out well for you and your sister and your family. and that your sister is just fine. take care and God bless you! have a merry christmas! :-)