what are you listening to now.

December 11, 2008 5:51am CST
Am very interested in your state of mind as you read this, write now its cloudy outside but am feeling good of some coffee. Listening to some uplifting RnB to keep my day boosted and my concentration levels up. I believe what music you are listening to will affect your moods at the time, if you are stressed listen to you favorite uplifting track, if you are happy tap the table and make your own music.
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11 Dec 08
I am listening on Star FM Radio Online, I like listening to it everyday and night as it plays a lot of different kinds of music and most of it were the songs from my country which are sang in my own language so I won't miss my homeland that much. Sometimes I feel like I am just in the neighborhood away when I am listening to love songs in my own language.
@allen0187 (58649)
• Philippines
11 Dec 08
hi xkp172. right now, i'm listening to a remixed drum and bass track done by ray keith. the title of the track is "renegade terrorist". i've looked it up in youtube but all i get is a different version of the track. i'm listening to something posted in another forum that i'm a member of. anyway, the first time, i've heard the song, i got addicted. in fact i listen to it everyday for almost an hour continuously. happy mylotting and cheers!!!