how to be succesful

December 11, 2008 7:50am CST
Hi please help me to answer with this question ?what are the steps to become succesful?
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@loca56 (32)
• Philippines
15 Jan 09
Particularly you don't have to have a steps for it instead a formula which is WORK + REASON + VEHICLE. Those are just three components yet, the proven and effective formula used by many businessman, millionaires and upperclassmen. I've got this formula from my own business guided by the education from N21. If you want to know more secrets on how to be successful. I can help you build your dreams. :)
@acevivx (1566)
• Philippines
11 Dec 08
Well i might not be able to give you all the steps to being successful but let me share with you some of the important steps. First, believe in yourself, have self-confidence and be positive thinking, have clear goals which you want to achieve, learn from your mistakes, know how to listen to advice and how to glean the good from the bad advice, have a role model, and always look out for opportunities because if you miss one, you might never have another chance. However, you should be very clear on how you define success because you might be successful but not even be aware of it because of a different notion of what being successful is all about. Being financially successful is not always the best.