I was shocked....literally

December 11, 2008 10:26am CST
My father had been coughing weird for sometime in the past few days but today when we got his chest x-rayed the doc says it might be pneumonia, the report is yet to come. I am left clueless the work pressure is tremendous and falling sick is definatiely not in our list of things. I wonder how could a little cold turn into pneumonia? God forbid it shouldn't be serious!! Anyone, could you please suggest what are the precautionary measures one must take while suffering from pneumonia? How much time does it take to heal? My father is also on high Diabetes... Concerned Bodhi
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@cynthiann (18613)
• Jamaica
11 Dec 08
YOu will have to go by medical opinion on this one, especially as he has diabetes. My husband had diabetes, and it can do so much harm Your father's immune system is probably weak or he was sicker than he told you. It may take a few weeks for him to feel better. There are no real precautionary measures - just common sense and he should be taking vitamins regularly and keep his sugar level on an even keel. I do hope that he will feel better soon. Blessings