December 11, 2008 12:49pm CST
Everyone knows that Black and White are considered as opposites.. You know.. in various ways.. but never as Opposite colours.. Do you think that there is anything like opposite colours? Is it possible to find the opposite of a colour? You always ask someone about their favourite colour.. but very rarely you hear someone asking you about the colour you dislike the most.. I might hate a Yellow colour shirt.. but that does not mean that I hate the colour Yellow.. Whereas Red happens to be my favourite colour.. without any particular reason.. Somehow I just can't think of a colour that I dislike without any particular reason.. So is there a colour that you don't like for no reason at all?? (somewhat like the colour red is my favourite colour for no reason at all)...
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• Philippines
13 Dec 08
Colors are colors and i want them all especially bright colors because it fits me, my favorites namely red, black, white, green etc. i admire colors for no reason i just want them.
• India
13 Dec 08
Thats good to hear.. Without colours our world would certainly be black and white lol
• Malaysia
11 Dec 08
Yes, in art, there are opposite colors. For example, red is opposite of green. Blue is orange, and yellow is purple. :) My favorite color is green though.. But not the pure color type of green, I like the pastel colored green and also some bright ones as well. I also like purple as well, but not the pure purple color. Just like how I like the color green, it depends on the shade. But I seriously don't like red. I have no reason why I hate the color red. But I really hate that color.. Probably because when I was young, my mom bought crazy red chinese clothes for me during Chinese New Year.. LOL.. Thanks for bringing up an interesting topic like this. Have a great day! Take care!