United States
December 12, 2008 1:44am CST
We all know some kid who has the 'gimmies' or some adult who wants the latest gadget, clothing, or whatever to keep up with the 'Jones'. It has gotten so bad that adult and child gimmies has a name given to them. Experts are calling it Affluenza. According to the experts, affluenza is connecting happiness with material things and not the intangible stuff like relationships. It is judging people by what brands they are wearing and on surface appearances. It is going into debt to keep up appearances of wealth. I personally do my best to live within my means but I do have a weakness for gadgets. I've three computers and two TV's. I didn't pay for one computer or either TV, the other TV I've had sense the 1980's. I did pay cash for two of the computers. (I'm strictly cash and carry.) I do most of my own repairs on the computers to save serious money too. Do you suffer from affluenza?
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