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December 12, 2008 4:27am CST
what is the best quality you expect in an ideal teacher?
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• India
12 Dec 08
a teacher is one who helps the pupil or students to learn.the teachers must have qualities like learnability,expressing views,talent and character,..i thinnk the best quality i expect from a teacher the way he/she is expressing his views..reason for that is presently i am doing my graduation in a very reputed of my subject teacher is very very experienced and may be i think he is the best teacher in our state in his concept leve..but his concept is not reachet to our classmates because of its poor expressiblity..he think we arlso a scientists like him and teach us in that i think the best quality of an teacher is an experiencin his views in an easy way which must be understood by students...
• India
13 Dec 08
exactly. even I have seen many teachers like that.
• India
15 Dec 08
ya that is also there
@savak03 (6693)
• United States
15 Dec 08
The ideal teacher would be one that challenges the students to be the best that they can. Someone who inspires them to apply themselves to taking in knowledge. The ideal teacher will understand that each student is an individual and will take the time to draw out each students talents and help them overcome their weaknesses.
• India
15 Dec 08
exactly..I agree with you
@luphita (114)
• Indonesia
25 Apr 09
i think an ideal teacher should be patient, diligent, intelligence...
@censae (72)
• United States
20 Mar 09
The best quality in an ideal teacher is that he or she has a willingness to be open for learning. The academic classroom process is one of reciprocity. If you are not willing to learn from your students then they will not get a lot from you. How can you inspire and plan for people that you do not even know? Any one can teach them to read back the right answer. Teachers have to feel goodabout themselves. They have to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. The have to be aware and able to separate themselves from their own domineering prejudices. People tend to treat you the way they percieve you. Teachers are no exception.
@tepitenio (119)
• Israel
18 Jan 09
i am a teacher, and i think that to succed we have to create a relationship with the student and teach them how to think for themselves and how to grow and develop themselves. i mean, dont form them directly, give them tools so they can do it themselves.
@relkide (39)
• India
13 Jan 09
Dedicativeness in her profession is the foremost quality. Dedication follows all other qualities such as teaching ability,concern for the student, sharing her knowledge,creativity, patience etc. Dedication helps her in mastering her subject which has many advantages. She can teach effectively with lots of creativity in making her students understand the subject.