about santa claus

@BYOLA2871 (4373)
South Africa
December 12, 2008 9:05am CST
hey everyone here i wanna say firstly a merry xmas in advance and a happy new year to ccome this is hoping that this new year will be better for every one of us in terms of earning and life,i read somewhere that a group of christians wrote to the parliament of their country to ban santa claus from christmas celebrations,becuase they say it takes away the essence of the birth of christ,i dont think this is true i am also an ardent believer of God and io have never seen the reason why anything will take away or block my view of who Christ is what do you think about this?
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@sataness (321)
12 Dec 08
One day a year Saint Nick used to dish out his own made toys to the poorer children in society. He wore a green suit, wasn't a chubby rosey man and this turned into a tradition. The idea of sharing and family and caring for everyone on this time of year is crucial. Gradually more and more people are becoming athiest, and over time while christmas has focused less on jesus the celebration of family and life is still there. Why take away Saint Nicholas when the idea of him brings people so much hope and laughter this time of the year? Why does it block the idea of the birth of christ when it's mainly his teachings that people look to follow? (I, however, don't believe in God so this is an assumption i've based on education and knowledge of christianity) It's now a national holiday aswell as a religious celebration. No offense intended but is it not the choice of the people as to what they believe and celebrate? Daily/ weekly children are still being taught the basics of Jesus and his teachings and his birth, so people are aware of what the celebration represents. Why take away the happiness?