what do you mean by friend?

December 12, 2008 10:00am CST
friend is the person who is always by your side.you will find them when you need them.when you get a true friend you are lucky or else your life becomes worst.so you need to be wise to make your friend.what is your opinion?
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• China
18 Dec 08
You are right,I have many friends and they make me happy.When i am in trouble,they will try their best to help me, and in daily life,they give me lots of advice.I hope that we can live better life!Here is a good shop my friends introduce to me ,you can have a look and go to choose something fits for you. www.e-buy18.com Good luck!
@twinklee (894)
• India
16 Dec 08
Hi, F R I E N D Few Relations In Earth Never Die I really accept this definition. friend is a person who lives for you in both good and bad times. Don't restrict your friends to lie in the same age group as yours. Friend can be your parents, siblings, ..etc! You can decide this by the shoulders you get when you need comfort. Share everything with them. Feel free to gain their support. Take care:)
• India
13 Dec 08
a person that you trust with your secrets, your hopes and dreams. A person that you know would gladly swim the 7 seas for you and you would do the same. Because a real friend know when to give and take. A person that would do anything in their power to prevent you from getting hurt or experiencing pain but if by chance you ever do they're the first person you call and can cry to and never for one moment doubt their motive. A person that you can laugh with till you get stitches and 10 years down the line you can still remember the joke and still laugh about it. And a person who knows your faults and isn't afraid to tell you when you're wrong even if it might hurt your feelings to build you into a better person.
@neelbon (61)
• Bangladesh
12 Dec 08
friendship always a great thing for me.when ever i need my friend i'll find them.i never feel along because of my dear friends.among them i have a best friend.it is more enjoyable the times that i have pass with her.my every types of feelings, my secrets,every thing i share with her.i never wants to lose my best friend.my best wishes is always with her where ever she goes.