a male masseuse

December 12, 2008 10:08am CST
hi all! here in our city, most of our massage therapists are women. because women are preferred by both male and female clients. anyway, tonight i went to my usual neighborhood spa for my foot massage and i was surprised that every therapist in the foot massage room is male. then i thought did they change their system or procedure? well, then guess what? i got a male therapist, too. i am not a very sensitive person, so i don't mind having a male masseuse. in fact, i even like it because i like hard pressure and sometimes i am not satisfied with my female therapists. but i heard one customer who complained and asked that she be given a female masseuse, which the management duly honored. how about you? if you are either male or female, is it okay with you to have a male masseuse, especially if you are having a whole body massage and almost your whole body is being touched? please respond ... thanks and God bless you all! merry christmas!:-)
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