Can We Bring Respect an Trust Back To The PTC Industry?

United States
December 12, 2008 11:37am CST
Hello Everyone, I have been a member of many of these sites (paid to click) for about a year now. I watched the industry sink lower and lower as each day passed. Sites that had honest admin went corrupt as most were bought up or started by scammers. Some of the honest and trustworthy sites went under as members lost trust and would not invest any longer until the site proved to be trustworthy. Site owners stopped paying their members and changed their TOS's on a regular basis to justify non payment. I have had a pending cash out in one of these sites for 8 months now as a premium member as some of you may have as well. Yet I still click...... I now realize and admit that I am part of the problem. I continue to click on each ad even though my gut tells me the site is a scam. With each gut wrenching click I somehow hope that this dishonest owner will have pity on my loyalty and pay me. I have vented in anger in various forums, I have spewed my displeasure, and cussed the most fowl of cuss words. And then... I click... This industry once thrived because of the members of these sites and the advertisers. We made it what it once was and now we the members need to take it back. We have become angry over lost investments (in many cases)and had our precious time stolen from us with each 30 second timer. We have had our free speech and right to an opinion taken from us with threats of losing our investments. We have watched these scammers take over this industry in angry silence because we did not think we had any recourse. ENOUGH!! We can do this one scam site at a time. I have started an FBI investigation into one of these sites and once it is closed down I will start another one. If you know of a site that is clearly extorting money from it's members then you can start your own. Go to FBI Cyber Crime and click on their complaint form. If you are an honest PTC owner and reading this then I applaud you and thank you. I invite you to join the ptc community members in stopping those who are embarrassing you as an owner and hurting your business. Thank You For Your Time, General1star
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