Do you prefer to travel by plane or by boat?

@GAUCI123 (1042)
December 12, 2008 12:42pm CST
My last holiday was going on a cruise liner, I enjoyed it very much altough there are disadvatages and advantages. The rooms in a cruise liners are so small we where 4 in a room ,couldn't move an inch in the room. There were lots of activities on the boat which I enjoyed very much, I visited lots off places too. Another disadvantage is that when visiting a city, you have only half day time, since the cruise will ship to another county. When travelling by plane, you will have a good hotel room, more time for visiting the place well, however you have to carry the lugagges if you want to visit another place. Everything has it's advantage and disadvatage however I enjoyed it on the cruise even when we faced a storm on the sea wooooo And you what do you think ?
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• United States
12 Dec 08
I think is more exciting go by plane!! because some peoples dont like it the boats!! and some other people doesnt like it the plane!! lol but is more fast in plane then go in boat!! well have a nice day and hope you will have a very good weekend! see you soon and bye bye.
@maximax8 (30111)
• United Kingdom
12 Dec 08
I looked at a cruise itinerary that included Cartagena de Indies however I didn't think a day there would be enough time for all the sightseeing that I wish to do there. I looked at the prices and a double cabin is pricey and a single cabin is even more expensive. When I was 20 I flew around the world and I decided my route in advance. I spent as long as I liked in the destinations I went to. I stayed in backpacker hostels and met fellow backpackers. My favorite form of transportation is train because it is enjoyable. In the day I can look out of the window and in the night I can sleep in a comfortable compartment. Planes travel quickly but seats are cramped and space on board is tight. A storm at sea would make me really sea sick. Carrying luggage is no fun but it has to be done. Happy traveling.
@LaurenInLA (2271)
• United States
12 Dec 08
I've only taken one cruise and that one was to Alaska. IMHO, the only way to really see the glaciers is by cruise. That being said. I agree with a lot of your opinions. The cabin was so small that it was difficult to move in it with just two of us in the room and the port stops were much too short for my taste. I prefer to fly. I like to get where I'm going as soon as possible and then set off to explore.