What's Left?

United States
December 12, 2008 5:47pm CST
There's only 13 days left until Christmas. For those paid every Friday, that's only 1 more paycheck after today to finish off whatever you have to do. So, what do you have left to do? Me? I'm about done. I keep saying that every week, yet I keep getting more and more stuff each week, lol. I have the majority of the stocking stuffers done, I just have to buy a small toy for my 4 younger kids, and get candy to add to the stockings. I also have to buy the teachers gifts, which I'm getting each of them a Tim Horton's gift card worth $5... I'll end up spending $30 total on gift cards. I also have to finish wrapping, which shouldn't be too bad since that's more than half done. We also still have to get FIL a gift, but it won't be an expensive one. For MIL I bought a frame today and printed out some pictures of our family, it looks very nice. Other than that, I'm in good shape. I just need to stop spending money so hubby can finish his shopping!
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@gemini_rose (16268)
13 Dec 08
Well we get paid monthly and then I get money from the government every week but the main pay we are not sure if it will go in on christmas eve or on the 19th. It does not really matter to me in terms of pressie buying as I more or less have finished it is just I have one bill to pay before the end of the month so I could do with paying it before the 24th or else it will end up being a late payment.
@Barb42 (4216)
• United States
13 Dec 08
I haven't bought one gift, except for some things for the SS teacher of the young kids to put with all her things she gives at the Christmas party. But, tomorrow night hopefully I can say differently. I know what I can spend and will work within that range. I will get a check next week, and then I have my mylot money and money I've made on another site to be transferred to my checking account. I'll probably do that one day next week. I have to wait about 5 more days to get some of the money made on the other site and still want get all of it. But I'll have a big amount to come from Paypal even without that. I'm really going to try and get my shopping done without that money, though. I wanted to save it for something in the house.
@vanonas (950)
• United States
12 Dec 08
Ahhh I get paid every thursday so it's two more paychecks for me so another $600 I still need to look for things to get everyone! I'm really slacking this year with the Christmas shopping. I've been so busy with school and work I have no time! Luckily I just finished my finals yesterday so I'll be able to look for presents finally. Just need to figure out what to get them!