under the economic crisis,what is your choice?

December 12, 2008 8:37pm CST
Nowadays,under the economic crisis,some peaple go back to school go on their further study cause they can not find a good job,while some others find an unsatisfied job to start and waiting for the economic get better,also others go aborad to find opportunity.what do you think about it?
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• Philippines
13 Jan 09
For me, going abroad to find a better, nice paying job, is the most practical thing to people who are planning to put up their own business when they come back. To further study, for higher learning, depends on our goals in life. With the current financial crisis, you may notice that job security no longer exist. They can fire you anytime when a company needs to down-size just to be able to survive. As the Best Selling Author Robert Kiyosaki says: "keep your day job but start building an asset (or a business) that will give you passive income in the future." Once the earning from this asset can cover all your expenses, you can chose to leave your job and you don't have to worry about job security anymore.
• China
14 Jan 09
i consider this opption before,but i fall to choose to go abroad.coz i could not certain that other countrys education is the best,and that may cost you so much money.why shouldn't you study at your own country and do good job in your study,it is also can learn a lot of things and i think it is enough to make you start your own bussiness.