Should the Supreme Court uphold the Ban on Partial Birth Abortion?

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November 8, 2006 9:01am CST
What Do You Think? Does a ban on extremely late term abortions infringe on women's rights? Or should it be the right of an almost born child to live? Supreme Court is examining this today.
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9 Nov 06
Not only should Partial-Birth Abortion be banned, but ALL abortions should be banned. If you don't agree with me, please go to and find out for yourself, why I feel this way!
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9 Nov 06
I do agree, but am especially surprised that abortion support absolutely refuses to budge on even the most brutal practices.. and no one seems to realize how profitable all this is.. big business.. Even if Roe vs Wade is overthrown, it only throws it back to the states. As it was against our federalist (balance) system to make such a federal rule in the first place. Pres Reagan's plan (introduced to him by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito) was to overthrow roe v wade, layer by layer.. maybe this is why the most liberal fiercely fight any restrictions or limits on abortion whatsoever.. - The secular world is supposedly so big on "ethics" but when it comes to abortion, and embryonic stem cell research, their mind on the matter is there is no issue of ethics whatsoever! Isn't this amazing?
• United States
9 Nov 06
-------- - thermal nuclear explosion
..and a ticking time bomb.. I believe
@srhelmer (7033)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
8 Nov 06
The Supreme Court should overturn the entire Roe V. Wade decision and make abortion illegal except if the pregnancy is a result of rape or there is a danger to the mother.
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