which brand has the best mobile platform? nokia, samsung, or sony ericsson

December 12, 2008 9:28pm CST
I have been using mobile phones since I was still in High School. Back then, there weren't any digital communications. All were on analog and the units were, oh-man, so bulky, heavy, and unattractive. I started with Motorola's BagPhone (that mobile phone which made you look like a radioman for a platoon of soldiers in Vietnam), then progressed towards the more sleek, hand-held units of Nokia and Ericsson. By the time I was already working, I had virtually about a hundred mobile handsets at home (majority of which are already nonfunctional). Of these, I found that Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung have been consistently in my top three. I think Nokia's design and software developers have a slight advantage over the two because of a more responsive user-interface. Samsung's edge is in its styling and often matte finish. Sony Ericsson plays in the middle depending on the model they currently have. How about you guys, which do you think has the best mobile platform? In what way does this brand land on top of your list? What features do you look for in the best mobile platform?
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• Mexico
13 Dec 08
I think all of the brands had their own qualities, but well the beste mobile i had have is sony ericsson and it is the one that i had like the most
• Philippines
19 Dec 08
what did you like about sony ericsson?