Thinking too Much.

December 12, 2008 10:10pm CST
I have a question, is there such a think as thinking too much? one of my very close friends said that i think to much. I kinda understand but not really. What are your opinion on this? can we think to much?
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@Theresaaiza (10539)
• Australia
26 Dec 08
wel, i can't tell u to stop thinking too much because that would only make you think too much again, right?:-) i tend to think too much. I would tend to freak out from a very tiny issue, or get so sad when I get negative feedbacks about what I've done. Well, I think it's just that our self-esteem sometimes gets so down that's why we "think too much". I think the only way to grow out of that is to just care less about some things.
@howard96h (11643)
• New York, New York
22 Dec 08
I also am a thinker, always have been especially when faced with a decision I need to make. I will take a little longer than others thinking something through and it usually results with the right decision.
@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
14 Dec 08
The truth be told just last night ,I was thinking of writing about the same discussion .My friends say I think too much too. I don’t know if I can answer but I will try .I think you can think too much if you start thinking about things you are going to think about. I think you think too much if you spend over sixty percent of your day in thought. I think however what your friends are talking about is the ability to sit down and ponder every single decision you make before acting on it. Some decisions are meant to be embarked on by impulse or at least with only a certain amount of thought. Consequently if you have something to do and you think about so much the opportunity passes and you haven’t reached a decision then you think too much. Nothing is wrong with thinking about an issue before embarking but you should decide how much time is supposed to be spent on a decision based on the gravity of the situation and after thinking about it you should be able to reach a decision in time to act on it
@gjabaigar (2200)
• Philippines
14 Dec 08
For thinking too much.... That means it is time to know yourself.... You are beginning to have an awareness that there is something in yourself and you want to know.... As it is thirst for something.... And that thirst is the thirst of truth of what you really are or what you want to have..... You can know more of you thru praying and meditations to have the knowledge and most of all the divine wisdom of spiritual guidance of higher-self when you are connecting to Almighty God.
• India
13 Dec 08
it is my ans if you are thinking too much then you why u r doing means thinking like that . why you are going to think on that topic means you have a sence to solve the problem why it is happen.if it is done in wrong way you r distrubing.u have the common sence about the society .make it on your words and works .tell it to your friends....