Little Wenju Zhang (a boy with disese like the Mediiteranean Anemia)---love

December 13, 2008 1:09am CST
I have seen this report about Little Wenju Zhang(a boy disease like the Mediteranean Anemia) since this after, It happens in Guangzhou in recent days. The little boy only over 4 years old when he leaves this world. Her mother says that"little Wenju is the hope of their entire family, even though their life is so poor, but they stick to treat for him, without money for treatment fees, they beg along the street, which lasts two years, he was 2 years old, and still waiting for the matched marrow, it is lucky that they get the one from a taiwanese, so that they fast prepare for the longings, then go to guangzhou for operation. "Wenju has many dreams and hopes such as: want to get a ice-cream,bonbon,see bigger plane....., but I never make them come true for him", therefore, they take him to Baiyun Airport, and he realizes one of his dreams. After doctor's careful preparation, little Wenju start to carry out operation, but sorry to talk that: because of infection, little Wenju have been to the other place where has beautiful flowers." My tears are dropping continuously while I see this report, so moved for little Wenju, his parents, and more than 80,000 kindhearted persons, so much love even can not bring him through. In this world, we could see numerous of persons who eargly need help, so please never be so mean to hide your love, just hold your help hands out,which is good for both of you!
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