Do you run a online store?

December 13, 2008 1:47am CST
I am just wondering if you run a online store? Recently I have started a store and I am just wondering how you get traffic to your site. Do you post your links on a blog? Do you buy banners on other sites to promote your site? How long have you been running your site and do you make money from it. So far I have sales of about 100 dollars a month and I'm looking to make more. I need to know how to get traffic to my site. I have a site with a home page and what not and then I also have a store website. Should I add a blog to my homepage? But who would ever read it? Also I am looking to buy something online when payout comes in Jan since I have finally reached my goal. I am not sure what I want to buy yet but if your store accepts pay pal let me know, send me your site link in a msg please and I will check it out for sure.
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