what is disk defragmenter?

@rprabu1 (162)
December 13, 2008 2:08am CST
what is disk defragmenting? how to do the disk defragmentation in windows XP? what are the uses of it? i heard that it will free the memory of hard disk
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• India
15 Dec 08
it is a small application which defrags ur drive. it is not the best one u can get the better one forom download.com its called Smart Defrag btw defraggin puts all ur data in ur harddisk in order tht makes the computer run faster hope i hlped happy lotting and have a nice day!
• United States
14 Dec 08
all of these ppl are for the most part correct about defragmentor (some may be wrong on a few minor points but i really didnt read most of the posts i have a busy schedule) it is supposed to organize the files and also it uncorrupts corrupted files (it may or may not it depends on the cause of the corruption) i have been forced to use this primarily with my laptop due to turning it off without shutting it down (although i had no choice if it freezes and u cant do anything u have no choice cause ctrl alt delete does not work in those cases) cause doing so corrupts files and this has saved both my comps from crashing many times (my comps freeze a bit too much but that may be caused by my bad habit of multitasking too much but i have alot to do and not enough time to do it all at seperate times)
@jesbellaine (4140)
• Philippines
13 Dec 08
The idea behind the disk defragmenter is to move all the files around so that every file is stored on sequential sectors on sequential rings of the disk. In addition, a good defragmenter may also try to optimize things even more, for example by placing all applications "close" to the operating system on the disk to minimize movement when an application loads. When done well on older disks, defragmenting can significantly increase the speed of file loading. Happy Holidays! And Happy Mylotting! Cheers!
• Philippines
13 Dec 08
A disk defragmenter is one of the important function that need to be exercise by users of the computers this is because system of the computer to prevent system crash. Its like a cabinet full of files, it is necessary to set what are the most used files in your pc or laptops, its a kind of re organizing things in your hard drives.