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New Zealand
December 13, 2008 2:37am CST
I feel as though bringing this up will make me seem awfully immature, but I'm going to anyway. My older sister (two years older) got a $1700 laptop 'for school'. She doesn't need it till Feb. next year, at the earliest, yet she is already using it. It is supposed to be for school, yet so far she is just using it for whatever-the-h*ll she wants. I also suspect she has internet on it (how the h*ll it has been done I don't know) as when she was showing me something on it i saw in the task bar thing down the bottom (its a mac, I don't know the terminology for them) MSN and Limewire. I mean, why would she have them if she doesn't have internet? I am not allowed internet on my computer, I have to constantly go between my computer and my mother's awful, old one, having to transfer files on my flash drive. It is not the fact that she has a laptop that annoys me most: my parents have said they will get me one in two years. My computer I bought myself, she got her laptop bought for her. So basically, I could use some help in convincing my parents that if she is going to have internet then she should have to wait two years, as I have already had to, although I still don't have internet... and that she should not get it till she starts back at school next year. Do you agree with me? I mean, why should she be able to use a laptop for SCHOOL for going on Bebo and Myspace? If she needs to look up something for school, she can look it up on my mother's computer, and then transfer it onto her computer as I have had to do, right? So, can you suggest how I can convince them everything I have just said?
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@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
22 Feb 09
Hey, That is very hard to do, the most hardest thing to do is to convince parents. I also have some stubborn parents which always favours either me or my brother for no reason. Try and tell them EXACTLY what you have written above, you should win!!!! lol happy lotting!
• New Zealand
22 Feb 09
Well thanks, but I have already tried that, and it doesn't really matter anymore, nothing's going to change Thanks anyway
@SomeCowgirl (32213)
• United States
13 Dec 08
I would first ask if she is paying for the internet or helping with the internet bill in anyway. If she is not then I would suggest telling your parents that you feel it is not fair that she gets the internet, and you do not. That you understand she is to go back to school soon, but that she is just using it for whatever she wants to. Is she in college or a school where she is away from home? If she is then explain to your parents or ask why they are letting her have internet for such a short time and yet you are not allowed the internet. You did pay for your laptop, they didn't have to. It might even help if you say that you do not want the laptop they plan to give you. Ask instead for the internet now for it, and that you will even try to help pay for the internet in any way you can (extra chores around the house, paying for groceries, etc).