Are You Understanding Every Discussion that is posted in Mylot?

December 13, 2008 3:08am CST
I am not understanding all discussions posted here. I think the language here is some what higher. I am getting only some discussions and in am replying to those only. I am not responding to the discussions which i didn't understand. I think the people here are understanding all the discussions and replying to as many as possible. What about You?
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• India
13 Dec 08
Well I respond to those discussion which I thought i can answer it easily. Here r many discussion which give many information and i loved mylot. I even don't understand some discussion but many discussion here are in simple english.
@idcoder (382)
• India
13 Dec 08
i sometimes do not understand what the thread starter is asking to discuss i skip those discussions...i am mostly interested in technical and mylot i usually come in here and see if i can respond..i mostly spend time reading responses and then i respond..for some internet topics, people ask for help and some responses are really it is no point repeating those responses...sometimes when you don't understand anything , why not ask back the discussion starter...?? thanks happy mylotting
@jesbellaine (4140)
• Philippines
13 Dec 08
Hi There. There are discussions that I can’t understand as well or much better, I can’t relate at all. So, I have to skip the discussion and go through other light discussions that are really interesting. I reply to the discussion as long as I can relate to them. My advice to you is to answer short but interesting discussion, the one that you find easy to understand for you to get started here in mylot. Happy Holidays! And Happy Mylotting! Cheers!
@SomeCowgirl (32219)
• United States
13 Dec 08
Not everyone who responds to discussions understands what is being said but for the most part they try their hardest to understand. A lot of people are here to make money, and some of those are people who do not understand the english language as well, and thus their communications are often loss. Even saying they are here to make money is a guess because once you come here, it becomes more of a fun to do then a way to make money. I am glad you are responding to those you understand, but I hope that you will try for those you do not as well. Welcome to mylot,