Are you having mood swings sometimes?

@chevill (316)
December 13, 2008 4:30am CST
me? I have a lot especially if there are things annoying me. I hate noise, I hate nagging, that's why sometimes I can't control myself to talk to towards to someone just simply because i want them to stop talking. hehehe! How about you?
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@kaliyha (591)
• Philippines
13 Dec 08
We're the same then. I usually having mood swings. In the morning, I can be genial but one event can make me really mean.It doesn't take a lot to trigger my mood swing actually.
@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
13 Dec 08
Well.. I usually get the mood swings when it comes to the PMS. LOL YOu know that girls always had that every month so I believe the mood swings should be tolerable for women. LOL. My mood affects lots of thing around me, so I tried not to get too moody because it would make the bad results for myself. Like, I am going to be very lazy and going to be very angry, and tend to make a impulsive decision which would make me regret in future because of the mood. So I should keep my mood controlled.