Has your vehicle ever been picked up by the police for wrong parking?

December 13, 2008 5:19am CST
Once i had gone to New Delhi and borrowed a scooter from a friend of mine to go to Nehru Place to buy a CD Writer for my computer. I was new to Delhi then and did not really think that there would be any problem about parking. There was a cinema hall near the market and i parked th scooter by the side of teh cinema hall and went into the market to buy the CD Writer. By the time I returned, i found that it was missing. My first reactin was that it had got stolen. I asked a shop keeper who could over see the place where i had parked the scooter. He told me that the police van had taken the scooter as it was wrongly parked. I had taken just 15 minutes and the police acted really fast. Withing 15 minutes my scooter had been picked up. i had a tough time retrieving my scooter thereafter. i had to pay a hugh fine and make two trips to the court. I realised that it is better to park in the proper parking slot.
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• Philippines
13 Dec 08
Hi mercuryman.. I dont know how to drive but I experienced being with my boyfriend and he's car was been picked up by the police for wrong parking. In the Philippines, my boyfriend drive me off to my office in some days that he wasnt too tired or sleepy to do so. One time he parked his car a distance from my place since I asked him to have breakfast with me. The breakfast took 30-45 minutes. When we went to his car, to our dismay its nowhere of sight. At first we thought it was stolen when we saw a paper posted nearby stating that his car was been towed by the police. He was so angry yet he knew that it was his fault since he parked it at the wrong place. The processing of paper for claiming was such a hassle plus the fact of paying for the violation. After that incident I always reminded him to park his car at the proper places.