WHATS the best Messenger?

December 13, 2008 10:52am CST
1-MSN 2-Yahoo 3-AIM 4-ICQ 5-SKYPE I prefer for sure SKYPE very fast,clean.....
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• India
14 Dec 08
i only use yahoo messenger . i didnt use the other 4 messengers u have mentioned till now. i feel yahoo is the best messenger ..is skype better than yahoo??
• Brazil
20 Dec 08
yes skype is better more features take a visit www.skype.com
• Romania
13 Dec 08
Well I only tried MSN and Yahoo, from the ones you listed. I remember a while ago I tried skype, too, but I know I stopped using it for some reason (can't remember why, it was about a year ago...). So I don't know how good it is. But I have another favourite messenger, have you ever heard of IMVU? It's a 3D chat. It's so amazing because you have 3D characters as your avatar, and you can chat in 3D rooms - plus there are many clothes and accesories you can shop for, for you your character. It's much fun, even if it may take a while to load. It's worth it! :) Here's a link: http://www.imvu.com
• Brazil
13 Dec 08
I WILL check this one
• China
21 Jan 09
As far as I know, Yahoo! Messenger is the most popular in Mid-East and Africa,and also Japan. In Europe, maybe it's Skype. In the USA, AIM? I am not sure. In China,none of above, it's QQ dominate the IM market. So, in my opinion, we should not say that "xx is the best messenger".
• India
18 Dec 08
• India
13 Dec 08
i like Yahoo....havent tried skype...i just like chatting with my contacts on yahoo...i never vist any of the chat rooms...chatrooms there are very bore....i like GTALK toooo...simple,clean,... [:)]